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Workers' Compensation

We work one-on-one with policyholders to personalize service and offer a customized workers’ compensation program to satisfy unique needs and risk tolerances. Our flexibility in customizing premiums, collateral accumulation and deposits allow clients to maximize their cash flow while effectively balancing the risk and reward of their workers’ compensation program, based on those risk tolerances and long-term business goals.


Vital to an effective operation, and the profitability of any workers’ compensation program, is to control the amount of a claim when it happens, manage them efficiently and successfully. We first place a strong emphasis on prevention which minimizes the risk for claims. Our team of loss prevention professionals will provide you with the tools needed to have a safe and productive work environment.


Our approach to managing the claims of injured workers is to have experienced and reliable claims adjusters who use relevant claims data to achieve your objectives and consistent results. In addition, the claims adjusters thoroughly manage the medical care aspects of workers’ compensation claims with the best components of managed care.


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Risk is ever-present in every business. There are times when companies need alternative solutions to traditional workers’ compensation coverage. We personally work with our clients to identify the risk, manage it, and convert it into viable returns. Our captive programs provide clients with more control over the risk they bear and allows for greater claims management rewards.


Through our affiliate, DiffRins, we are committed to assisting our clients realize the full scope of their risk environment to customize a captive insurance model that meets their objectives and their risk appetite. We provide complete management services for handling workers’ compensation insurance coverage, including underwriting, policyholder services, loss control and claims. You experience outstanding results from our well-designed alternative risk program.

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