Our story is your story.

Established in 2005, SUNZ Insurance Company was founded specifically for PEOs, staffing agencies and large companies. Our continued growth is through a consultative approach for every client we work with and policy we underwrite. With more than 120+ years of experience in the industry, we recognize the need to provide workers’ compensation insurance options that do not begin and end with the printed policy. Our approach of providing policyholders with workers’ compensation solutions that are unique to their individual needs sets us apart from the competition.

Our experienced professionals know that every PEO, staffing agency or large company has unique business needs. SUNZ Insurance delivers innovative and personalized workers’ compensation. Our personalized service and flexibility customizing all financial aspects of your program allow you to maximize cash flow while balancing effectively the risk and reward of your workers’ compensation program.

We're investing in you.

Wherever you are. 

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