SUNZ CEO: “SUNZ will not agree to any legislation that jeopardizes the current PEO model”

As an insurance company committed to providing coverage to the PEO industry, SUNZ Insurance Company has worked hand-in-hand with our clients and FAPEO to fight against legislation that unfairly penalizes PEOs. Over the past two years, there has been a movement in the Florida Legislature to amend Florida law to create a fictional “coverage gap” intended to force PEOs to pay for uninsured jobsite workers that suffer injuries even if the worker is not employed by the PEO. Each iteration of this proposed legislation unfairly targets PEOs. SUNZ is committed to continuing its engagement on this issue, on behalf of the PEO industry, through direct interaction with relevant elected officials and in Tallahassee.

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with Senator Doug Broxson, Chairman of the Banking and Insurance Committee, and Senator Kathleen Passidomo, Senate Majority Leader. I explained to both Senators that in my experience as a businessman who formerly owned a PEO and currently runs a PEO insurer, I have not seen evidence that a “coverage gap” exists that justifies changing a law, which by all accounts is working as it was intended.

As I explained to the Senators, PEOs are an integral part of Florida’s growing economy. Our clients, and the PEO industry at large, are responsible for thousands upon thousands of jobs, and thousands of businesses and employees are dependent on PEO services. Without them, much of our state’s economic development would come to a screeching halt. Why would anyone, let alone elected Representatives and Senators want to undermine an industry that contributes so much to Florida? It makes no sense.

Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to meet personally with Governor Ron DeSantis, CFO Jimmy Patronis, and many Legislative leaders, and my message to each of them has been the same: The best way to keep Florida moving forward is to allow private enterprise to flourish. Unnecessary and burdensome regulations like those being proposed are contrary to this and I am confident these leaders understand what SUNZ stands for.

As we move into the 2020 legislative session, I will continue to instruct my team in Tallahassee to aggressively interact against any proposal that is opposed by our clients and the PEO industry. SUNZ will not agree to any legislation that jeopardizes the current PEO model, which has worked effectively for decades. SUNZ stands in solidarity with FAPEO to make sure the PEO market continues to operate as intended.



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